Remnants of Cauless

The island that used to be called Cauless, named after the explored Allen Cauless, was at one point a magnificent place. Found to have a strong connection with the Plane of Water, many mages found it a good place for study. Things went well for a few decades as mages congregated to create a school to practice magic and the Society of Planar Scholars was founded after a few years.
With the theocracy starting to turn it’s attention to Galen many had difficulties continuing their way of life. Despite protests by the mages and the pushing of the Pater to leave the area, tensions did not rise until the death of the Pater. The new Mater that took his place was not so passive. Decreeing that the site be “cleansed” of the supernatural and all those who would manipulate it. This was to be the start of calamity.
The leader of the Society at the time, a summoner named Fabia Stroud, was pushed into bad position. The new Mater would not listen to reason, nor accept their surrender. The Society was doomed, but she had one hope. To save the research over the last seventy years she attempted to transition the academy into the Plane of Water. With the island having a strong connection and many mages present it was not an unthinkable that such a thing was possible.
The mages may or may not have succeeded. From the accounts of the theocracy when the ships landed on shore, half the soldiers left he boats and an earthquake shook the land asunder. Most of the land was destroyed and water overtook everything. Over 700 soldiers from the theocracy died, all but 4 of their ships were lost, and anything else was washed out to sea. After the event no trace of the Society or any villages around it remained.
The effects of the event are still felt today. The connection of the Plane of Water is stronger and occasionally whirlpools will manifest during storms that are said to swallow ships and transport them to the Plane of Water. Aberrations and magical beings populate the seas making it very dangerous for sailors. Though many artifacts of the era and perhaps a way into the Plane of Water remain.
Most stay away from the Remnants of Cauless due to its perils and lack of any civilization. Though those who return from exploration tell of tales of merfolk and friendly creatures. Magic is stronger in the area as well. Maybe the land isn’t all perilous?

Location effects –
Enhanced magic –  Spells and spell-like abilities that use or create water are both extended and enlarged (as if the Extend Spell and Enlarge Spell metamagic feats had been used on them, but the spells don’t require higher-level slots). Spells and spell-like abilities that are already extended or enlarged are unaffected by this benefit.
Impeded magic – Spells and spell-like abilities with the fire descriptor (including spells of the Fire domain) are impeded.

Common creatures in the Ocean-
Monstrous Jellyish

Common creatures of the coastline –
Undine (rare)
Coral Golem


Harker’s Journal #36: Brotherhood

Starday – 31st, Erastus

Riding with Brighthelm for a week might be worse than being stabbed by halflings.

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Harker’s Journal #34: New Friends, Old Fears

Fireday – 23th, Erastus

I had thought my life might calm itself once the others had gone away. I’d spent remarkably less time looking over my shoulder before I woke up in that arena. It was not to be.

But my week has not been without its high points.

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A Running List of Wondrous Items, Pt. 1: The Bloodspell Cup

In the spirit of creativity that Pathfinder promotes, so begins an ongoing series in which we present rough sketches of homebrewed Wondrous Items (Pathfinder’s terminology for general enchanted objects). These concepts aren’t intended to represent final, polished forms but instead as a solid basis from which to further develop the item for use in your own campaigns.

Our first item is The Bloodspell Cup, an occult-themed method of granting knowledge of a limited number of spells to spellcasting classes.

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Harker’s Journal #32: Noble Charade

Starday – 17th, Erastus

Beautiful things in a city of shit. The Cathedral was the first. Stained glass twice as tall as a man. Carpets red as blood. Gold, ornament, finery. The second are the manors, where the nobles live.

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